Wyrd: The Season of the Witch

 Victoria Greiner has the focus, charisma and stylistic bravura to hold the centre of this work steadily - her vocal work and physical vocabulary is disciplined and always meaningfully possessed. Great and easy to watch.

- - Kevin Jackson

Presence ascending in the performance of Victoria Greiner as Our Lady.  Her excellent work  helms this production and she is commanding yet vulnerable and cynical.  She finds a dark humour in her exterior circumstances, plus, she has a seethe early on which gives her creation a vibrant dangerousness.  Greiner also travels an arc through the reprising and circular elements of the work to inspire real pathos in her death and resurrection.  Vocally strong, Greiner’s emotional tumult  is readily available to the audience through her stance and face and her movement, both in and beyond the stellar ensemble work.

​- Sydney Arts Guide - Judith Greenaway

Shy Magsalin calls forth exciting performances from her entire cast... of particular note is Victoria Greiner as Our Lady.

- - Lisa Thatcher


Victoria Greiner (who is always a joy to watch) as a calculating Stietl is well directed and brings as much  to her important side role as the leads.

- - Lisa Thatcher

​​The Tragedy of Antigone:
Victoria Greiner as Kreon is also superb. Her grief at the conclusion is very primal and in keeping with the tragedy, she is almost keening.
- The Buzz from Sydney – Joy Minter

 Queen Kreon played by Victoria Greiner gives a solid and commanding performance.
- Theatre Now – Loredana Cross

Tidy Town of the Year
One of the funniest scenes in Tidy Town of the Year hinges on a mix of identification, surprise, timing and physicality… Greiner serves a deliciously exaggerated dose of slapstick, without giving away where she’s going… It is these nuances that are imperative to laugh-out loud comedy. Tidy Town of the Year hits the sweet spot on several occasions.
- Concrete Playground – Jasmine Crittenden

God’s Ear
Victoria Greiner as Mel’s young daughter Lanie epitomises and encapsulates a child like innocence and naiveté with the simple wisdom of a child which is so often hard for adult actors to actually capture.
- Stage Whispers – Whitney Fitzsimmons
The parent’s anguish reflects in the abstract off-the-wall reactions of their daughter Lanie (Victoria Greiner). Greiner’s portrayal of the remaining suffering child in the family is nuanced with small skilled body language reactions and an innate mixture of world knowledge and naivety. 
- Aussie Theatre – Felicity Burke

Metafour: Four short Beckett Plays - Rockaby:
Greiner’s voice reading the poem is captivating and fills the darkness around the rocking woman.
- Australian Stage – Emily Shaddick

Next Fall
Victoria Greiner contributes some nice moments as Adam’s confidante Holly’.

– SMH - Jason Blake
Greiner’s comic energy brightens the stage’.

- Gay News Network - Veronica Hannon
Hero & Companion
Performances are generally good, especially the pitch perfect energy of Victoria Greiner in Companion.'’
- Paul Gilchrist, Theatre Red